Mindful Teaching Series – Part 2


Hello there!

For this week’s post, I would like to continue the Mindful Teachings Series. This particular post will be Part 2.  If you are curious to know what I covered in part 1, please check out Mindful Teaching Series – Part 1. 

When I think of mindfulness in the classroom, I try to think about the ways to incorporate mindfulness in pedagogy. One way to do so would be the option for bringing mindfulness into the classroom is to use it in lessons and visualizations.

Literature classes, history classes, and foreign language lend themselves to this most readily. It is all about HOW to implement the mindful strategies. Here are some possible ways to add mindfulness in lessons.

  • Ask students to visualize something small and simple related to the theme of the lesson
  • Ask students guiding questions to help them picture their visualization
  • Once students have a hold of the visualization, ask them to picture something further relevant to the lesson of the day.
  • You can decide what this is, whether it is a character, a word, or an object.
  • Having students engage and focus like this will help them to connect with the material in a different way and will hopefully encourage creative thinking and more engagement through mindfulness

Bringing mindfulness into the classroom is an excellent way to reset the mood and energy of a classroom and can help both you and your students to feel more engaged in the material and motivated to learn.

Well, this concludes our 2-part series on Mindful Teaching! Let me know how you plan to include mindful teaching in your classes.

With gratitude,




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