Helping Students Write Topic Sentences


Hi, Euphoric Gratitude Readers!

In my recent blog post for Academic Writing Made Easy, I share helpful tips on how students can write powerful topic sentences.

As an educator, I see students struggle with the creation process or simply forget to begin a paragraph with a topic sentence.

If you are curious about how to help students write topic sentences, feel free to check out my blog post on 5 Useful Tips To Create Powerful Topic Sentences [The Paragraph Series]

Also, I have a Facebook Page for Academic Writing Made Easy. So, if you want the latest daily writing tips or want to connect with me, Like the page and Follow me on Facebook.

Overall, it is such a joy to help college students improve their writing through my private online tutoring session and even offer offline paper proofreading/editing sessions. I’ve had the joy of helping doctoral students talk through their dissertation as well because I offer offline chapter edits and private tutoring sessions for doctoral students too. I am so grateful to help students as part of my online tutoring business at Academic Writing Made Easy.

Let me know how your experience with topic sentences!

Stay tuned for my next blog share on how to help students use evidence in academic writing.



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