This Too Shall Pass – Allowing Life To Teach Us Lessons For A Greater Tomorrow


Hello My Dear Euphoric Gratitude Readers!

I am on a roll with writing my recent blog posts, and I am so glad I am about to write a bit more. For my latest blog post, I want to open up on how life teaches us lessons and even if a situation seems challenging, it is important to remember that this too shall pass.

Last night, I had the most peaceful sleep in weeks. For quite some time, I have experienced quite a bit of a mind chatter throughout my sleep, which made me absolutely exhausted in the mornings. I couldn’t even pinpoint the meaning of the mind chatter. However, I finally energetically felt what was bothering me last night with the help of talking it out, and then FINALLY a shift occurred.

Overall, my energetic shift dealt with my struggle with life’s lessons and my struggle to reframe my focus/story. And although I asked the Universe why with specific situations, I realized that I’ve allowed situations to take over every fiber of my being. And that’s not cool; it’s exhausting and disables spiritual growth. I’ve allowed myself to get stuck in the notion that life is happening to me instead of life is happening for me. I’ve allowed myself to get stuck in the ego and not fully in my heart space. Also, I’ve been internally judging and saying this is wrong and that is wrong, and that’s not helping me grow or anyone else.

How many times have we allowed situations to get the best of us? How many times have we allowed ourselves to focus on the what is? How many times have we used our logic and not our hearts in fear and protections of ourselves? I’m no spiritual guru. So, I know my answer is like 1000+ times. Why? Because of my inability to trust that all will be well and to put complete trust in the fact that the Universe has my back even when the sky is gloomy and gray.

In recent years, I’ve been interested in the Law of Attraction (LOA). It appears that we create a lot of the stuff that transpires in our lives, whether consciously or subconsciously. And although the results of some things may seem unfair, the other side of the situation is always promising. So, I’m studying LOA to help transform my mindset and focus on goodness in each lesson as oppose to the toughness in each lesson of life.

Every situation has lessons and these lessons shapes us into who we’re meant to be in this life. As I take time to reflect on my life, I realize my lessons relate to forgiveness, unconditional love, and worthiness. And I’m sure you know how tough it can be to go through the healing process of such lessons. However, the ability to heal from situations and learn the lessons create an opportunity to shift the paradigm in ourselves and future generations to come.

So, I choose love. I choose forgiveness. I choose worthiness. I choose to no longer blame others for the way I feel. I choose to no longer get upset with someone’s behavior/actions, as I am only able to control my actions. I choose to no longer feel internally alone in my journey, but to let others in. And when I’m in the thick of it, I will remember that this too shall pass and that life isn’t against, but it is for me.

I hope my experiences will help others. You are not alone. Sending you all my love!

In gratitude,



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