Don’t Care What People Think – Honor Your Feelings and Desires To Create Inner Peace


Hello Dear Euphoric Gratitude Readers!

I am so pleased to share another blog post with you in such a short period. Yay!!!

Lately, I’ve been feeling all this feminine energy to write from my soul, and I want to share words of encouragement with you. In my latest post, I want to share the importance of honoring your feelings and desires by stop people pleasing, and how it will create inner peace in all aspects of your life.

Personally, I’ve always been the type of person to make sure everyone is doing great, even if I am not great. Or I would always make sure not to offend anyone and walk on eggshells, even though it would cause great inner pain not to be honest about my feelings. I think a lot of internal conflicts and the “people pleasing” stem from the need of outside approval since a young child, and the need to make sure I am the very best on the outside (even though I’m a hot emotional mess on the inside). I’m sure many of you could feel me on this topic and how hard it is to let go such an emotional imprisonment mindset. Because that’s what it is, after all is said and done; pleasing others at all cost is emotional imprisonment, and it gives our power away to other people.

Whether it is our parents, spouses/partners, siblings, children, friends, pets, neighbors,  managers, or other individuals who require our energy, it is essential just to be mindful that we can’t please everyone every single time just to make them 100% happy, and honestly, we shouldn’t. When you really think about it, it is such a huge burden to please people. And honestly, we can only do/give the best of our ability and make sure to do it with love. When we do things out of love, it is from our highest/purest self. That also means caring less about pleasing others to get approval and caring less if something isn’t 100% perfect because nothing is perfect, and that’s okay.

So, my friends, let us take a moment to directly ask ourselves “does doing X, Y, and Z make ME happy?” If so, then great! You are honoring your feelings and desires. If not, please redirect your energy to pleasing/honoring yourself. Once you do that, everyone/everything else will be just fine. It will create that inner peace.

Recently, I’ve been caring less about outcomes because I used to obsess about everything. Now, I trust in the law of attraction/the Universe, and I trust that if I direct my attention to feeling good and desires of goodness, then everything will work out for my highest good. Doing less/caring less = less stress, and that’s something that I’ve never allowed myself to do. I have to say that it feels SO good (and quite powerful) to give it all up (the people pleasing, approval, making sure everyone is 100% happy), surrender, and just focus on my emotional/physical/spiritual health because it will have a positive effect on everyone/everything else. There is true power in surrender.

I hope you will join me and do the same. Let go and let the Universe step in. You don’t need anyone’s approval because you’re incredible!

Until next time,



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