The Power Within – Tapping into My Feminine Divine Energy


Hi My Dear Euphoric Gratitude Readers!

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere in the world, I hope you are enjoying a lovely summer. And if you are in the Southern Hemisphere in the world, I hope you are experiencing a beautiful winter! In New Jersey, it is quite a relief with the more comfortable summer temperatures with occasional humidity. I’m grateful for the relief from a recent heatwave. Whew!

For my latest blog post, I want to chat a bit about my recent spiritual experience. Lately, I’ve been diving real deep within my inner self and working on my alignment with my higher self. It has been quite a healing experience, as everything that needed to be healed kept coming up over the last few weeks. Harrowing stuff, but it needed to be addressed, dealt, and healed with self-compassion and self-love. Interestingly, all this stuff comes to the surface just in time for a Full Moon release (Happy Full Moon Everyone by the way).

So, I’ve been really just tuning into my heart space through daily meditation, yoga,  journaling, and simply listening to the voice from within. I’ve been honoring any fear and anger with love and allowing myself to sit with the emotions to enable a release. I’ve permitted Spirit to guide me and show me how to look at everything in my life a different way of understanding and compassion. Thus, I can feel peace and be free from the chains of society’s transgressions. 

During one of my recent meditations, I remember chanting the desire to align with my feminine divine energy and step fully into my power as a woman. Suddenly, I felt this warm energy hover over me and wrapped around me. I’ve never felt such an experience before, but I knew this was it…my feminine divine energy. After such an experience, I now realize it is time to let go of what is no longer serving me.

It is time to let go of anything that holds back and reclaim my power as a woman. It is time to make peace and detach myself from society’s rules. It is time to make peace and reshape my generational stress and anxiety of being a woman that has been handed down from generation-to-generation, specifically a mixed-race woman who identifies as a black woman. It is time not to allow anyone to make me feel less than because of my heritage, success in education and career, and the way I choose to conduct myself in life (as a spiritual woman). It is time not to allow anyone to dictate what I should or should not do with my body as a woman. 

It is time to rise and live in freedom; honoring my past generations and my future generations because my current choices, feelings, and movements will impact the next seven generations after me. So, it’s time to hone my feminine energy, and I hope both men and women will join me as well. And I realized that I’ve said “it is time” many times and that’s okay 🙂

Sending SO much love and gratitude to all of you!


2 thoughts on “The Power Within – Tapping into My Feminine Divine Energy

  1. YES!!! I hear you reconnecting, healing and releasing these exterior things prevent you from living a free and joyous life. Be fully in your body and live! thank you your words hit me!

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