The Benefits of Daily Meditation & An Essential Oils Recipe

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Daily meditation can benefit you in many ways. Simply reserving the necessary relaxation time once a day can relieve a lot of stress, but there is much more to it. Meditation has been used for thousands of years, not only to gain a higher level of consciousness but also to heal the body, both physically and mentally.

Practicing meditation every day does not mean spending hours in a dark room or having to live on top of a mountain to escape everything. It does not mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollars to learn meditation techniques.

  • It can be as simple as sitting in a quiet room with dim lights, soothing music, and a comfortable chair, closing your eyes for a moment.
  • It starts with some deep breathing exercises, to get more oxygen flowing into your body.
  • You can even use essential oils or incense to deepen your experience.
  • Breathe through your nose until your lungs are full and out through your mouth.
  • You can even visualize that each time you exhale, stress and anxiety also leave your body. When you breathe, health, well-being, and peace of mind come into your system.

There are many benefits of daily meditation and naming them all would fill countless articles on their own.

  • Meditation can help relieve many mental health problems, including depression, anxiety attacks, and some bipolar disorders.
  • It can also help cure many diseases and diseases, to the point that many cancer treatment centers combine meditation and other homeopathic techniques to help people get rid of them.
  • It works by allowing the person’s immune system to fight cancer by visualizing immunities and antibodies that attack and kill cancer cells.

With daily meditation, combined with deep breathing, you can really relax, no matter what type of stressful situation you are in. If you breathe deeply before meditation, then when you find yourself in a difficult situation, for example, someone who suffers from anxiety attacks, doing deep breathing for a short period of time can trigger the state of mind of meditation, allowing this person to control himself. Businesses have begun to realize that meditation can help their work become less stressed and more productive, and some have even made it mandatory for their employees to take the time to do so.

In order to get all the effects of daily meditation, you must set aside at least 15 minutes each day.

To help deepen your meditation experience, I recommend checking the following Meditation Recipe:

What’s your favorite meditation practice and essential oils recipe?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Daily Meditation & An Essential Oils Recipe

  1. Thanks for a great read. I completely agree that the right combination of meditation and aromatherapy can work wonders on our physical, emotional and even spiritual well-being. In fact, the essential oils you have mentioned in your post are great for a holistic healing experience that can also help relieve stress.

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    1. Thank you SO much for sharing your thoughts and experience, Erica! I absolutely agree with you that the essential oils bring a great holistic healing experience to relieve stress. Thank you again for sharing! So lovely!



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