Letting Go of Rumination Part 2 – Lean on Your Higher Self

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Hello, Dear Readers!

After taking some time to reflect on ways to transform Euphoric Gratitude, I took some time to reflect on the most viewed blog posts. I am happy to share that the most viewed blog post is “Let Go Of Rumination (And Give Yourself Permission To Be Happy” with a total of 83 views and counting. Thank you so much for reading and engaging with my blog posts! It is greatly appreciated. And although I’ve written “Letting Go Of Rumination” back in February of 2017, it is still receiving views each week. This analytic discovery made me realize that my readers are interested in this topic and perhaps they seek guidance on how to cope with rumination. Therefore, I decided to continue the discussion with a part 2 post and I plan to create an e-course on letting go of rumination for all my wonderful readers.

However, I have to be honest. The process of letting go rumination is definitely a processIt is a process that doesn’t have a specific deadline because it depends on each individual and their healing process. So, you can’t just speed up the process. It takes time.

I can tell you that the process of letting go of rumination definitely includes the act of forgiveness though. I know the word forgiveness can feel a bit taboo, and it can be misused now and then, but I feel like the definition of forgiveness is dependant on an individual’s interpretation of forgiveness (and that can be a whole other topic for a blog post). But in a wider scope, forgiveness is a critical key to letting go of rumination and forgiveness can simply be forgiving the real you for being so hard on yourself with the whole rumination process. It is important to tell yourself that “it is okay.”

Personally, I know I’ve had moments of internally screaming, “Why can’t I just let these repeated thoughts go?!?!” and ” What is wrong with me? I shouldn’t have internal dialogues in response to how someone treated me.” I’m sure you have your own examples and experiences with the different forms of rumination. It can feel tough and an inner battle. But you know what? After the constant dialogues of rumination in my head, I became tired of it all – just tired of the repeated stories, which I knew made zero sense (and just a protection mechanism). When I finally had my moment of true surrender, that is when something glorious happened to me. I realized that I have been leaning on myself and specifically my logical and egoic self. When we rely on our logic and ego, that’s when the shit hits the fan. We get trapped in the constant battle of rumination and therefore, it is a call for love. Our higher self is that love – it is love-based.

When we surrender, we tap into our empowerment and life force. This life force is our higher self. So, that’s what I did, my dear readers. I realized that my higher self knows all things – past, present, and future. Since my higher self knows this information, then perhaps maybe I should just let go and lean on my higher self. I’ve been practicing this method for quite some time before even realizing that I was practicing it. And it has been such a great awakening experience.

So, I’m not trying to say I found the answer to life’s biggest problems (although that would be quite lovely), but I found one of life’s many antidotes in leaning on the higher self, and I am so happy to have shared this perspective with you. Moreover, we can also tap into our inner child and lean on our higher self in that way. In general, our inner child usually experienced some form of hurt and pain throughout our childhood, and I see leaning on the higher self as a way to heal and step into such a unique power.

So, what are your thoughts on best practices for letting go of rumination? How do you see yourself leaning on your higher self to possibly achieve this goal?

Leave a comment below and let’s have a discussion!

Much gratitude and love,


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