Morning Walk Series – Getting In Touch With My Higher Self

Recently, my youngest brother gave me some advice on creating new content for my blog. My brother is a blogger as well. His blog is called Productive Grind (a quick plug for my bro 😊). He shared how I should figure out a way to connect more with my readers and I agreed with him.

During our conversation, we thought about how I should share something that my readers wouldn’t really know about me, but would find beneficial. He suggested that since I’ve been trying to make morning walks a daily ritual, I should occasionally share my experience with my readers and the reason why I do it. As a result, the experiences can be a morning walk series. Best content idea ever! Let me share a little context about my morning walk journey. 

Recently, I’ve made it a goal to try my best to go out for a morning walk before starting my work day. These morning walks would allow me to start my day off on the right foot, connect with myself, and connect with God/universe. Interestingly, my walks allowed me to connect with my higher self, which is something that I’ve been yearning to do. I just feel like a deeper connection with my higher self would allow me to live a life filled with compassion for others and myself, the ability to continuously express unconditional love, and strengthen my intuition. And I know one way to connect with our higher self is in nature. So my brother suggested that I should take a photo of my walk and share how I felt during the walk.So, this blog post shares my experience with my morning walk.

During my walk this morning, the weather was a bit gloomy with a little bit of light rain. However, when I took this photo, I noticed little moments of the sun peeking out with such warmth. It made smile with joy because I really appreciate the simplest things in life. Overall, the walk felt so amazing and grounding. Not only is it a great exercise, I just felt so connected to life. With each breath of fresh air, I felt connected with the Earth and God. With each step, I was reminded of the goodness in my life and the goodness yet to come. I see my walks as a way to receive messages and reminders from the universe.

I’m so grateful to feel such love, peace, and gratitude. Therefore, this post will begin my morning walk series. Although I don’t think I will post every single day because of the juggle with teaching, doctoral classes, and home. I will post for this series as my heart calls me to do so.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me. I can’t wait to share my next morning walk post!

Much gratitude and love,


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