Working with the Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius – Clearing Your Energy


Today, August 7, 2017, is the full moon eclipse in Aquarius, which is quite a delightful day to witness an eclipse, but it is a wonderful day to do some energy clearing. For a few months now, I’ve been working with the moon to release negative energy and hurt from the past, and cultivate clear, positive energy. I know it may sound crazy to some people, but people have been working with the moon for thousands of years. As for me, I came across this practice while listening to Hay House Radio. I noticed a new show called Weekly Astrology with Yasmin Boland, and I have learned plenty of fascinating ways to work on my inner self through moonology. I always say change come within and you can’t expect your situation to change for the better if you don’t take care of yourself.

“It [full moon] is a great time to align with the sun, earth, and moon. Correct your course if needed, the time is now.” 

So, with the full moon, I take the time to allow my emotions to come up to the surface because it is quite common to happen with full moons. It is an opportunity to confront the emotions to clear yourself of the energy. I noticed that emotional experiences tend to take place and I see it as the Universe urging me to process, let go, and heal the emotional pain. Since we have a full moon every month, it is a great monthly practice to clear your energy.

In particular, the full moon eclipse is the opportunity to create change by doing something that you’ve always wanted to do. Perhaps it is a job change, move to another city, or perhaps add a new pet to your home, the full moon eclipse can give you that extra boost.

There are several ways to work with the full moon through rituals. I see the full moon as the way to practice forgiveness because the full moon indicates the opportunity to let go someone or something, and this includes events of the past. In general, forgiveness isn’t a one-time deal. It is a decision that takes place each day, just like the ability to choose love. As a friendly reminder, forgiveness isn’t saying something is okay, but it is a chance to let go of the past and reclaim your life with love. However, the concentration of forgiveness allows you energetically let things go and release the karma. I recommend checking out Yasmin Boland’s Forgiveness article with a free forgiveness kit. If you need to work on strengthening any relationships, this is a great tool to help. Personally, I am a Cancer and I believe in working things out whether it is romantically or familial. Perhaps I am just a romantic and a stickler for love, but the practice of forgiveness is always a good thing. It can be as simple as accepting what is, which is a form of forgiveness.

Another ritual would be to burn a sage incense or perhaps frankincense to clear energy, strengthen spiritual awareness, and cultivate healing. Essential oils are good as well. In addition, meditating in honor of the full moon is great as well. Personally, I will be meditating into the full moon, which is 2:10pm EST for me. Also, I recommend practicing gratitude by appreciating what you have and think “good feelings” thoughts. Creating a list could help as well or creating a voice record of your gratitude list.

If you are curious about the full moon eclipse times, please check out this link.

Wishing you a great full moon and lots of positive energy and love!

Much gratitude and love,


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