Birthday Celebration – Setting New Intentions


I celebrated my 31st birthday earlier this week, and it was seriously one of my best birthdays. I decided to start off my birthday a little differently and with intention. When the clock stroke 12, I wanted to start my 31st year off with a spiritual ceremony. The ceremony consisted of loved ones sitting next to me and sharing our thoughts about my past year along with hopes for me this year. While sage incense filled the air, we began to feel great emotions and love for each other because of my growth over the past year. I felt like I’ve been through hell and back, but I am stronger than ever. As a result, I was really happy to experience such powerful reflections.

Later on that day, I did something spontaneous and something that I have always wanted to do. Most importantly, I enjoyed a lovely celebration with my partner as well. It felt so great to feel the love from my loved ones and partner. It is great to feel supported in so many ways, and I feel comfortable setting intentions for myself because of the support. As a birthday gift to myself, I decided to set intentions for this year that would honor my heart. I decided that all of my decisions must feel right deep within my soul and that I will always speak up for myself even if I lose people. For the longest time, I have been following the lead of others along with their expectations, and quite frankly, I am tired. It is time to rise above everyone’s else intentions for me and live the life that feels right to me. If people are with me, that is great, but if people are not with me, that is okay, and I wish them the very best.

“Don’t Be Afraid To Live Your Truth.”

If there is one thing that I learned this past year, it is to live my truth regardless of situations. I have been getting messages about living my truth, but sometimes I fear it. If there is another thing that I learned this past, it is to face my fears. So, despite possibly letting others down, I have to live my truth, and I know I will be okay. Setting this intention will allow me to grow even more as a woman and as a contributor to society.

So, I hope this post will create a friendly reminder to always to set your intentions (even if it is not your birthday) and live your truth no matter what.

Much Gratitude and Love,


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