Surrender Control to the Universe, Slow Down, and Enjoy Life


The strangest thing just happened to me. After returning from an evening walk with my dogs, I noticed one of my dogs brought in a slug from outside. I was a bit shocked and slightly disgusted because I am not sure how it came in (clearly from the dogs’ paws – ahh) and I thought about how I need to grab my¬†disinfectant wipes and wet swifter the area. However, it definitely hit me that I should look up the spiritual meaning of “slug” because everything has a divine meaning and purpose.

One of the meanings refers to the importance of taking the time to enjoy life at a slower pace. After reading this message, I just stood still in shock. Why? Because a couple of hours leading to my slug encounter, I started a mental cycle of thinking of the future and became so overwhelmed. However, I stopped myself in my tracks; I knew the cycle would not serve me. Interestingly, the universe was telling me to surrender my control, slow down, and enjoy life.

“The strongest position you can be in is complete surrender.”

I can say with my whole heart that surrender to the universe is a powerful experience and it is the strongest position any infinite being can take. After experiencing challenges in my life, I have learned the power of surrender and its benefits. However, I have always sought to be in control of almost everything in my life. Honestly, a lot of the need for control came from a dysfunctional childhood. The action of control became a way for me to protect myself from hurt. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable, and things happen, which can lead to deep hurt and pain. Sometimes, we take the route of bitterness and anger because of life’s circumstances. Interestingly, we have the option of taking the route of love and heart-based decisions. Through this particular route, we can learn that circumstances are portals to a transformation of our highest, divine beings. Along the way, surrender becomes a crucial key to the transformation, which allows us to enjoy the present moment in life.

As a spiritual being, I have learned that surrender allows me to take the load off my shoulders and place everything in the hands of the universe. As a result, I feel like I have a great entourage of spiritual guidance, support, and love. I know that no matter what happens, all is well and I will be okay (plus more). I know it can feel difficult to let go of the life that we’ve planned, but it is important to surrender the attachment because the universe has better and greater plans for us.

I am so excited to see how life will continue to unfold and I will slow down my thoughts to enjoy the present moment. I hope you will do the same as well.

Thank you for reading this week’s post!

Much gratitude and love,



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