When in Doubt, Just Ask! Release the Assumptions

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This week’s blog post explores the world of assumptions, specifically its origins and the outcome of its implementation. In general, we all have made assumptions. From a personal perspective, I tend to assume when I am fearful of something. For the most part, assumptions derive from fear. It usually comes about when we think “the worst-case scenario” in situations. However, the act of assumption does not really get us anywhere. It just leads to internal pain, external drama in all relationships, and a road of heartaches. Therefore, it is important to notice when you are making assumptions and put an end to it.

“Don’t make assumptions. We look for things that confirm our beliefs but what if they are wrong? Keep an open mind and ask when in doubt.”

Recently, I have read the book “The Four Agreements” and one of the sections actually discussed how important it is to never make assumptions. Let us take a second to think about the meaning of assumption. When we really think about assumptions, we realize that it is a form of judgment. We are actually judging someone or something, which is not so great. Furthermore, assumptions come in all shapes and sizes; all types of stereotypes and other forms of negativity. Do we really want to assume the worst in others? I do not really think so. Therefore, I would like to share some suggestions to avoid assumptions.

  • Ask yourself “Why am I making assumptions?”

This is an extremely important suggestion because it turns the assumption around to you. Furthermore, it truly allows you to investigate the root cause of the assumptions. Sometimes the reason for assumptions stem from past experiences. Please keep in mind that not all past experiences will repeat itself and it is important to not live in fear, but to live in love. Therefore, it is important to find out the reason for the assumptions

  • Simply just ask

Personally, I have the tendency to be in my head and that is when the assumptions come up. Recently, I learned the importance of just asking. If I am unsure of something, I simply inquire to avoid assumptions. When we don’t simply ask, we create stories in our heads and it may even lead to rumination. Therefore, if you want to know something, simply just ask to avoid assumptions.

For this upcoming week, let us pay attention to our thoughts, specifically any assumptions that may arise and let us put an end to it. When in doubt, simply just ask to avoid judgment and assumptions. I look forward to your thoughts and contribution to this week’s discussion.

In Euphoric Gratitude and Love,


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